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Benefits Of Getting Your Team Outside!

Get outside of the office setting and expose the team to new experiences! Get outside your four walls and let everyone take their corporate masks off for some real down time! Time for play! Our outdoor team building events this summer were so outstanding for the teams and companies! They were forced to think outside of their normal work routines and socialize in a different setting and genre! Our events are also successful because they provide an opportunity for leadership to be seen as a colleague rather than a boss. In a corporate world where attention is focused on making the client happy, businesses forget about their most valued assets-their employees. We are privileged time and time again to witness the effects of our team building events and hear lots of the same feedback!

“We so needed this morale boost!”
”It was great to see my coworkers so relaxed and having fun. I saw a different side of a lot of people!”
”It helped me get to know my coworkers and I felt free to voice my opinion.”

Team building and specially planned activities not only boost morale of employees, but it can also increase the success of your business. That’s not a bad trade off for investing back in your team!

The fall is still a wonderful time to get outside and get your team’s “mindful play” on! We travel the continental USA and globally. We are excited to have a new satellite office in the Orlando area!

We’re ready to help you plan your next team experience OUTSIDE!

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Top 5 Snafus of a Company Picnic!

Company picnics are a wonderful way to bring your team together in the throws of the sunshine and warmth of summer, but can backfire if careful planning and and organization of the day falls short.

Hire an event company or planner that is experienced! We know the ins and outs of picnics and events. Asking an internal company team to plan may fall short when they lose sight of the bigger picture and organization needed to pull off a successful outdoor picnic due to workload, meetings or lack of planning experience. Here is our list of the top 5 snafus to avoid to host the perfect summer company picnic!

  1. Being outside is tricky! You are at the mercy of Mother Nature! Company picnics in July and August in the Northeast can be brutal for weather. Hot, humid, warm, muggy and blazing sunshine is not always the perfect picnic weather. Does your picnic location have shade? Covered pavilions? How close are the bathrooms? Is there enough seating for your size group? Is there open, FLAT space if you are including team building events or games? We have been hired by large companies to add an “Olympics Team Event’ for their picnic only to find out the space for the picnic area is all hills or extremely small. Know your space and what it offers! Hot temperatures can have health consequences.

  2. You MUST have enough water, drinks and ICE for the entire length of your picnic. Open blue tubs with ice will melt quickly. Those tubs are not insulated or covered. Ice will melt quickly. If you are trying to save on budget and providing drinks, invest in coolers and lots of ice. Get your drinks on ice prior to the start of the picnic. Especially if you are doing events or games, exertion in the sun can take a lot of you. Hydration is super important! Also, think of sunscreen and bug spray! Nice to have on hand for those that forgot or need more.

  3. Find a great caterer. Let them do what they do best….your food! Covered dish picnics leave food at risk. A professional caterer brings chafes, tubs of ice and proper serving practices for the food. Be sure to check with your picnic location if propane grills are allowed? Most caterers use gas grills, not charcoal. Is there easy access for the caterer to get to your picnic space? Best to notify them in advance if not.

  4. Employees only or are you inviting family members too? We love to see companies that want to include families but, be sure to provide activities for ALL ages. There is nothing worse than having a lot of adult activities and leaving cranky, hot kids running around with little to do. Just having a playground next to your picnic area is not enough and tends to obligate the parents with kids to that area for the majority of the time. Parents babysitting is not their idea of a fun work picnic.

  5. Two words….inclement weather. What is your back-up plan? Are you setting up a rain date, cancelling or would you have a space at the location that also provides an indoor or covered area? Holding two dates is costly. Cancelling is disappointing and you lose deposits etc. Having a back-up plan in place rain or shine is most advantageous. We have the flexibility to offer an outdoor event like our Team Olympics and a back-up event like our Game Show if we must keep it indoors. This flexibility allow you to keep one date on the calendar.

There’s nothing better than a GREAT company picnic to unite employees with the lazy days of summer, outdoor fun and the beauty of nature. Much welcomed break from the company walls. Just pause and take a look at your team….are they the outdoor type? Will there be a lot of walking involved? If you are adding team building or games, does the area provide the appropriate space and offer shade? Take all necessary precautions to provide the comfort options for an outdoor event! When you leave things in the hands of professionals….we’ll have your back and look to insure your outdoor event is memorable, fun and enjoyable for all!

Summer is family time for most with the kids out of school. We have seen a lot of picnics with low attendance because families would rather spend time together at the beach/pool or on vacation. A company picnic is a wonderful tradition to have, but it should be something that the majority want to attend.

Simple Creations Team Building loves to build the perfect company picnic, but let’s make sure it’s a good idea from the start for your group! We offer 400+ team building events, there is always something for everyone! We want your events to shine and have high participation. Not to mention be FUN and unite your group. Best place to start is with a simple phone call. Let’s hear what you’re looking for! We’ll hold your hand the rest of the way! You just have to show up and enjoy! We make it that easy! Looking for summer fun? We can help you avoid the snafus! (609)443-6550

So much to consider to really pull off the perfect company picnic!

So much to consider to really pull off the perfect company picnic!

SC Award 2018

Congratulations to the recipients and winners of the Simple Creations 2018 Best Venues for Team Building Events.  From charity give-back and team building events to national sales meetings, these six incredible venues went above and beyond to guarantee the utmost success of every event by providing seamless preparation and implementation of each event detail allowing Simple Creations’ team to concentrate on our clients and the activities involved to deliver an exceptional experience.

These are the 2018 Favorite Venues for Team Building Events in random order:

Icona Resort, Avalon , NJ

Hyatt Princeton, NJ

Hotel Du Village, New Hope, PA

The Heldrich Hotel, New Brunswick, NJ

The Hilton Short Hills, NJ

Chauncey Hotel & Conference Center, Princeton, NJ

Congratulations and thank you to all the “SC’s” winners!  We are excited to work together again in 2019.


Project Appalachia July 2016!

Was a privilege and honor to spend a week in Preston County, West Virginia with 62 young adults and volunteers making a difference for the grateful folks there!  High temps and humidity, no AC, no TV, no internet...only made us appreciate the week more!  We did new windows, steps and this deck.  Rewarding, inspirational and awesome to see our young adults using their time, talents and energy for such a worthy cause! Teaching our next generation it is NOT about themselves.  There is value in looking out and caring for others.  I can't wait to go back! 

Be A Little More Like Bernie!

So, Bernie Sanders has endorsed Hillary Clinton and made it clear he "intends to do everything he can to make certain she will be the next President of the United States."  It's the united party approach that sends a strong message.  

Maybe we need to have more of a "Bernie" attitude at work!  Stand behind our boss, back them up, show support and be ready to do whatever it takes to achieve the "presidency of success" for the company!  Because it should truly come back to your "WHY" of the reason you are there!  After all, when the company does well, you should do well!  You get to reap the benefits of success.  This time of year and come November, it comes down to just two parties.  Ultimately, the party that is united with the most votes comes out on top!  The party that knows we ALL have to be in this together to get things accomplished! 

Imagine, if everyone in your company had the "Bernie approach" and threw their total support and action into your goals!  This is the ultimate team building and team bonding!  This is what makes a company win any race! 


Are You Socially Paralyzed at Work?

How often do you push yourself out of your comfort zone at work?  Oh wait, I'm not just talking about the job you are, I"m talking about the people you are doing it with!  Are you devoting as much time to appreciating your team members and what they bring to the table?  

It's an easy trap and pattern to fall into when you form office "cliques" and limit your personal interaction to a select few.  It's the corporate hierarchy just like on the playground.  No one wants to be picked last or left out.  So why don't we put as much effort into fostering our social connections with our entire team?  Now, I'm not asking you to start signing up new best friends...I'm thinking a team is only as strong as it's weakest links.  In this case, it may be as simplistic as not knowing someone on the team well enough to appreciate their contributions!  Quickest way to shut someone down is to make them feel like they are an outsider.  Your team should ALL be part of the "in" group!  

So, allow some coffee socials, pizza Fridays, lunch on a bench and of course team building!  Provide as many opportunities for integrating social time as you do for meeting time!  When you give your team a chance to talk about more than just work topics and are building bridges and team bonds.  Remember when the teacher used to switch the entire class seating chart half way through school?  No one was happy...because we were no longer seated by the friends you were "used to".  Yet, by the end of school, you had acquired a new circle of friends to interact with.  

Don't allow yourself to be socially paralyzed at work!  Mix and mingle! Get to know your team members and appreciate them for more than just their job!  

How does your workplace foster the social connection?  

Affirmations Make My Day!

As in any business, one of the most satisfying affirmations you are doing what you love and are meant to do, is when a company requests you to (once again) do an event at their annual meeting, for the 6th year in a row!  

It's a great feeling when you feel almost like family to this particular group of people!  When you hear, "It just wouldn't be the same without you!"  Or "...we know it will be another great event!"

I'm proud to say my job satisfaction is over the top! I wake up every morning excited and motivated to just keep doing more!  Pushing the limits and addicted to the rush of making sure each and every client is blown away and happy!  Whether it's for team building, workshops or meeting facilitation, the priorities are all still the same.  Exceed the customers needs and satisfy their goals!  No two events or meetings are alike.  So, the constant change is stimulating and keeps us on our toes!  It's quite the rush to love what we do, leave the event so revved up and realize we just got paid to have that much FUN!!  

Of course, all of this wouldn't be possible without an incredible business partner and friend at the helm with me!  Teresa, we have come a long way and the journey is still an adventure, pleasure and blast!  The best is yet to come! 

Let us know how we can fire your team up?!!


5 Signs Your Boss is a Rock Star

While there’s plenty of work situations in which you may find yourself holding your nose and hating your boss Fred Flintstone-style, if you’re lucky enough to land a job with a thoughtful, smart, encouraging mentor for a leader, you and your co-workers will flourish. Here are five signs you’ve scored a great one and that you should absorb everything you can from your boss.

1.     Your ideas, comments, and suggestions are welcomed (and often) acted upon, and you are empowered to make real change. When people have skin in the game, they tend to give their best, whether it’s at work or anywhere else. If your boss is giving you equity in your job, he or she is giving you the opportunity to put your best foot forward. Plus, it’s often hard to see from the top what will work best throughout a company or work environment, so your boss is smart to ask and act.

2.     Your co-workers are terrific and talented. The people your boss hires are good insight into his or her values and a reflection of the kind of company he or she wants to build. If your fellow employees are capable, hard-working, considerate, and intelligent, there’s a good chance your boss is too.

3.     Your boss makes you feel valued and appreciated. It takes a good listener and observant leader to recognize strengths in each individual and ensuring he or she is set up to succeed in the job. When your boss takes the time to know what you do best, chances are you’re going to do your best work.

4.     There’s a work culture that promotes job satisfaction. If it matters to your boss whether you’re happy at work, that’s an excellent sign that you will be. Productivity and bottom-line success will likely follow when you have smart, happy people who are empowered at their jobs.

5.     He or she recognizes and rewards achievement and progress. When your boss invests time and money on team building and bonding activities to strengthen the team unit, boosting morale, and creating camaraderie, he or she is cultivating a more efficient workforce that pulls as one toward a common goal. That’s not only good for you, but it will work in your boss’s favor as well. And that’s just good business sense.