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Be A Little More Like Bernie!

So, Bernie Sanders has endorsed Hillary Clinton and made it clear he "intends to do everything he can to make certain she will be the next President of the United States."  It's the united party approach that sends a strong message.  

Maybe we need to have more of a "Bernie" attitude at work!  Stand behind our boss, back them up, show support and be ready to do whatever it takes to achieve the "presidency of success" for the company!  Because it should truly come back to your "WHY" of the reason you are there!  After all, when the company does well, you should do well!  You get to reap the benefits of success.  This time of year and come November, it comes down to just two parties.  Ultimately, the party that is united with the most votes comes out on top!  The party that knows we ALL have to be in this together to get things accomplished! 

Imagine, if everyone in your company had the "Bernie approach" and threw their total support and action into your goals!  This is the ultimate team building and team bonding!  This is what makes a company win any race!