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      Defrost the DIY Team Building Kit for meetings! 

Break the Ice

Get away from the stiff, work-structured mindset for your next meeting and you’ll benefit from greater collaboration and a more productive experience. Defrost Kit can help break the ice and get your meeting-goers engaged. Through a professionally designed set of group activities that use colorful, thought-provoking cards, Defrost Kit energizes any type of gathering and brings people together. The Kit makes it easy and cost-effective for companies and groups of any size to harness the power of team-building in their conferences and meetings—without hiring a facilitator. Instead, they decide when and how to use more than 15 activities to accomplish all of their business objectives.


Defrost Kit is available through participating hotels and conference centers. Each Kit includes a set of fun-yet-thought-provoking cards along with tutorial videos and concise, easy-to-follow instructions for icebreaker activities.

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