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Customized team building, corporate events, meeting facilitation and corporate training programs for small to large groups nationwide.

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Facilitation is the art of eliciting new thinking, deeper connections and more constructive conversations in pursuit of agreed outcomes. Meetings are occasions when people come together to get something done, whether it is sharing information or making decisions.  We provide leadership without taking the reins. 

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  • Get others to assume responsibility and take the lead.

  • Focus on both content and process.

  • Ensure group’s objectives are met effectively, with clear thinking, good participation and full buy-in from everyone involved.

  • Create an environment for the group to flourish.

  • Empower each person to participate and be heard.

  • Manage agenda and stay task oriented.

  • Travel to any location. Half day, full day, multi-days.

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MICHAEL BURLINGAME   United Nations/Human Rights Watch

United Nations/Human Rights Watch

I hired Simple Creations to facilitate several employee workshops. I was concerned the team was not looking at the big picture, and were too focused on the day to day activities in their respective work. I believe the teams had a very strong “a-ha” moment, which reprioritized their individual goals to feed the larger team goal. The team members have transformed to stronger leaders with our vendors/consultants, focused on how to get the larger team goal no matter what area they work in, and their motivation improved.